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The Chronicles of OS X Lion

The Chronicles of OSX Lion

Playing around with some graphics tonight .. looking at some stock photos of lions making up the standard OS X style image of a Lions head against a star field and it suddenly struck me … The Chronicles of OS X Lion …

Found a very cool Map of the Narnian World

Grabbed a Star Map from Flickr under an Attribution license …

May play with it a bit more at some stage but happy enough for now .. a bit rough but kinda fun to do.

The original image / article that got me playing with the graphic is over on ArsTechnica OS X 10.7 Lion Review

How to make a copy of OSX Lion

Backup Lion before you Upgrade


If you’d like to make a copy of Lion you’ll need to download it with the App Store as normal BUT don’t upgrade just yet why not make a backup of it first?

Take a look over at http://lifehacker.com/5823096/how-to-burn-your-own-lion-install-dvd-or-flash-drive

Of course I didn’t know this before and won’t be downloading it again though I’d like to have a copy of it.

OSX Ginger Kitty is nearly here

So I ended up grabbing OSX Lion and performing an upgrade yesterday and everything went without a hitch. Nice picture of a lion and of course it got me thinking he’s just a big Cat no? And so the world famous model Squishy The Cat came to mind and hey presto I give you the possible 10.8 release of OSX.

OSX Ginger Kitty

Good grief I hear you say .. he’s everywhere where will he appear next? :)