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Squishy The Cat Movie Posters

What does SOPA mean to me?

Today is the big day with a blackout across major sites on the internet but I’m not going to talk about that really. I came across the rather excellent the Oatmeal anti SOPA page earlier and I have to say it’s the first site to really spell things out in simple language for people. (Of course it’s the oatmeal so you may find it offensive if you do click on through)

This got me in turn thinking about things I’ve done and what do you know I would potentially have one of my sites shut down (or should I say cat’s sites) if SOPA came into being.

It’s a non for profit site and a bit of a labour of love it is of course the page of Squishy The Cat.

Squishy The Cat Movie Posters

He has appeared in a number of movie poster / parodies and if SOPA / PIPA came into power and someone takes offence / feels the parody works are infringing on copyright then hey presto the site could be gone in a second. This would make Squishy very sad and we don’t want that do we? I’ve had a load of people thank me for bringing a smile to their faces and so many nice comments from complete strangers on the internet it’d really sadden me that this could just be wiped of the face of the earth without any due process if the laws are made.

Squishy doesn’t normally make serious posts apart from his political campaigns but that’s another story but he spoke out earlier on the Squishy the Cat Facebook page


OSX Ginger Kitty is nearly here

So I ended up grabbing OSX Lion and performing an upgrade yesterday and everything went without a hitch. Nice picture of a lion and of course it got me thinking he’s just a big Cat no? And so the world famous model Squishy The Cat came to mind and hey presto I give you the possible 10.8 release of OSX.

OSX Ginger Kitty

Good grief I hear you say .. he’s everywhere where will he appear next? :)

Ditch your Social Media Gurus …

I see a piece in yesterdays Telegraph entitled “Time to ditch the blood-sucking social media gurus“.

I find it funny … I created a website in erm was it October 2009 ? (not a website but a parody page / graphic) Donkey Fluff … love the phrase Social Media Guru :D

Of course I do think that social media has a place in things … its a bloody costly place that can be difficult at times to judge the effectiveness of but it has a place none the less.