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Ho Ho Ho

Last minute christmas panic!

No don’t worry it’s not last minute Christmas shopping panic. It’s last minute sorting out Charlotte’s present panic. Santa is building her a cooker and of course with one of the elves being away a week and not using all the tools that often this equates to things getting left to the last minute.

Oh well have a lego photo instead. It was the advent day 24 calendar and who had to arrive? SANTA

Ho Ho Ho

Baking with Val

10 years and 1 day…

8 years and one day after meeting Val, Charlotte was born. Longest pregnancy or what? :)

Joking aside Charlotte just turned 2 today. It’s the winter solstice and also her birthday so thinking about it one way the world just gets brighter when Charlotte has her Birthday :)

Start the day with pancakes you say? :)

Start your day with Pancakes

It has been a kinda lazy day of presents / nice food and of course we played with some lego. Is she addicted to lego? no but she does like helping me out and playing with the pieces in her own way. She was driving the little truck around after it was finished as well.

Christmas Lego Time with Charlotte

She got to bake cookies with Val.

Baking with Val


I ended up cooking her my favourite dinner ever. Chicken nuggets curry and rice all home made. I grew up having this meal every Saturday for as long as I can remember. I loved Saturdays and who knows maybe it’ll become a bit of a tradition now. We don’t have a deep fat fryer so they were done in oil and a bit of butter, while not quite the same as a deep fat fryer it was still really lovely and a complete blast from the past. I’ve probably not done that since well before my mother passed away.

Home made Chicken Nuggets

Of course the main dish doesn’t look that amazing but trust me when I tell you it was out of this world. A blended curry really has a totally different flavour to a normal chunky curry.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets Curry And Rice

Little people are now asleep and it’s time to relax with a movie and a beer …

Relax With A Beer


Advent Calendar Day 19 Planes

The mind works in mysterious lego ways …

Advent Calendar Day 19 Planes

I ended up picking up the Lego City Advent Calendar this year. Why? cus I wanted to, also it was going rather cheap in SuperU compared to the online prices of various places. I’ve opened them with Charlotte most mornings though with being gone a week back to Ireland we may have opened a few more before I left.

I’ve avoided posting a daily picture of each item. Some have been better than others. Val would have preferred if they were all Christmas themed items. I’m happy they aren’t as there’s more potential for reuse and photo ops.

Today’s present is the above. Wonderfully simple items each made from 5 little bricks and I simply find them so cool. I’m also reminding of the below advert which is extremely clever and puts the 5 bricks to shame opting for 2 to do the same job.

It’s lego – unleash your imagination.Lego unleash your imagination

How Do You Feel

How do you feel?

I took this lego photo a while back and it strikes a cord with me every time I see it. Yes I know it’s just some little minifig but it’s always got that more serious edge to it as well. What face are you going to display to the world today?

How Do You Feel

Personally I’ve been feeling a bit fed up and unmotivated not to mention tired don’t think the grey weather helps. November has been a rough month!  Still it’s December now and I’m trying to get into a more positive place.

A friend a few days ago posted a rather raw account of something major that had happened in his life a while back and I just thought wow I never realised this.

What face do you show the world and how do you really feel?

Get Personal with .me … the USB key

Get Personal With .Me TODAY on when lego men attack

So I’ve been pretty quiet over the last while on the blog. Well I’ve been busy … love / life / lust and the eternal search for the perfect donut as always. Well one of the projects I’ve been working on with Blacknight recently is Get Personal With .Me. It has been a fun project to work on why not head over and see if your name is available? :)

It is about you it is about .me :) Enter your firstname / lastname and hey presto it’ll check if your .Me name is available. I always love working on new projects and this one is obviously my new baby :). I especially love working on this as I think the .Me extension is one that has a genuine chance in the new “TLD”s cus hell it’s about ME!!!. I’ve got forbairt.me where I keep my lifestream obviously not my name I’ve also got jameslarkin.me which I’ll probably use for something though might just stick with my username for now.

Of course one of the cool things I’ve also gotten to work on as a result was getting some USB keys made up. Blacknight asked on their twitter account and on facebook what people thought was a good minimum storage capacity for USB keys .. mixed responses mainly however from 2GBs up. And what arrived today my Get Personal With .ME 4GB USB key :) it’s very cool if I do say so myself. Of course I’m biased but to be honest I generally don’t get to see too much print work (I don’t really work with print that often and could probably count on a few hands the amount of jobs I’ve had professionally printed).

Anyways the USB key arrived today and I passed it over to IT support to get it up and running and this is the result.

Unpacking Get Personal With .ME

Up close and getting personal

Opening up the Get Personal Keyring

Connecting the keyrings

Plugging in the USB keyring

Reading the USB drive

Texts, lie-ins and video cameras – Barcelona March 2010 – Part I

Barcelona March 2010 Header

(this is going to be rather heavy image wise so I’ve decided to break it into a few posts)

The following is the start of my photo diary of sorts for Barcelona …

So a while back on a whim we decided to book tickets to Barcelona they were going cheap and we’ve got a couple of friends up there so we said what the hell. Working freelance means I generally don’t take that much time off (not to mention switching off is a bitch) but I do try to get away from time to time. €60 return flights to Girona (from Madrid) wasn’t that bad in my mind. Of course its Girona (1.5 hours bus trip to Barcelona) and its Ryanair so it means its in the middle of nowhere so you’ve to factor in another odd €40 to get from Girona into the city center (21€ return per person via Barcelona Girona Bus)

I must admit I was surprised to see all the signs for Manuel on the way in (though they seem to have spelt it wrong) Having long been a fan of Fawlty Towers I found it refreshing that he seems to be as popular in Barcelona (where he’s from as in other english speaking parts of the world)

Manual welcome signs

I know I know Valérie-Anne groaned as well when I said it.

Day 1: We checked in and were pleasantly surprised by our accommodation (no pics unfortunately apart from some engrish which Valérie-Anne took on her new shiny toy)

Arc de Triumph Barcelona

Arc De Triumph 2

We met up with a friend for coffee in front of the Arc De Triumph and afterwards went for food (bad move going for an all you can eat Chinese buffet :o) .. therein followed a siesta and then onto rambling on the Rambla a very touristy street ( though lots of little pet stalls .. street performers and a very nice local market as well). Down onto the prom and generally just chilling out.

Chilling Out

Wandering back we took the smaller less tourist streets (though finding less touristy streets is a challenge in itself)

Carrer Del Bisbe Overhead

We ended up going to a great little restaurant up around our Hostal called Casa Alfonso had my usual Patatas Bravas and Valérie-Anne had a Cod Paella (bit too fishy for my liking) and our usual white and red house wines respectively.

Din Dins

My complements to the chef *burp*

Receipt for Tapas N Wine

After that we called it a night … probably cus it was night :D

End Part I

Part II

Hot Fuzz y cats

Here’s one I prepared earlier. I really have been having fun with Photoshop and image manipulation this week. Here’s one of Hot Fuzz with Simon Pegg removed and Squishy shoved in in his place. This one was tricky enough to do but good fun all the same to do

Hot Fuzz y cat

Anyone have any suggestions on the next poster to do ? you can see the others I’ve already done over on http://www.facebook.com/catatar

Squishy presents – Feline Beauty

This was a rather fun little image to come up with. Obviously based on American Beauty its taking two separate shots of Yoda / Squishy. I’d actually have loved to have a proper shot of his tummy in high res for it but my camera is currently out of commission (Battery Charger issue .. it blew up)

And … on to the photo

Feline Beauty - A Semi Parody on American Beauty

I even had someone ask me for the high res version of it which kinda made my day ( sad I know but … such is life :D )