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Raw post processing on normal photos in Adobe Photoshop CC

You know what? I was late to the game with all of Adobe CC …it’s what happens when you don’t follow / update things for a bit. A few weeks ago I came across a things you should know about Adobe Photoshop CC and I was like what? hang on CC is out?? erm … yeah I know majorly late to the game.

This weekend for the first time ever I found myself taking some RAW shots with the camera. Every “serious” photographer I’ve ever spoken to always goes on about taking things in RAW so I said what the hell I’ll try. What can I say about it I was blown away completely BUT and here’s a big BUT it kinda seems like I’m now relying on post processing to do a lot more with the shots? For a casual shot I just want to point and shoot ( ok point and shoot with a dSLR but point and shoot all the same) Will I be shooting RAW any time soon? Maybe if I’ve got something professional to shoot or too much time on my hands. In the meantime I’ve switched back the camera from RAW mode.

25MBs vrs my Usual 5 – 6 MBs oh and I’m a hoarder!

What shooting in RAW did make me realise is that you can still use the Camera RAW filter on any photos you’ve got. You’ll find it in the Filter menu (it opened automagically for me when I double clicked the RAW canon files)

Camera Raw Filter Location

So you can take your normal shot open it with the Camera RAW (I’m going to keep on saying RAW cus it sounds better than Raw) Filter and there’s a host of options available to you what I’d normally have to do in a few different steps is now open in one and it is COOL.

Camera Raw Filter Unedited

OK this is probably a bad example it was rushed during my lunch break but you get the idea … play around tweak the colours to a more natural mode the sky is your limit.

Camera Raw Filter Edited

Me I’m now very happy using this filter for post processing even my normal quick snaps on the camera!

An Abraham Lincoln Colour Photo

So after my last photo colour manipulation … Charles suggested doing something a bit more challenging …

He Suggested Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon Bonaparte .. one problem with Napoleon Bonaparte was that he died in 1821 and .. photography as we semi know it was only invented in 1820’s

So I searched for a high quality image of Abraham Lincoln and well it’s a bit tricky to find truly high quality photos of him I mean it is 150 odd years ago … but I settled on this image

Abraham lincoln Black and White

(At least I hope it’s a photo and not a great painting in some strange black and white mode … charcoal for the rest of us possibly)

Making a few selections on bits and bobs and running it through a few filters at the end I came up with …

Abraham Lincoln Colour Photo

So in my own opinion it’s not bad … I’ve no idea what he looked like originally apart from his own description of himself which seems to be …

” If any personal description of me is thought desirable, it may be said, I am, in height, six feet, four inches, nearly; lean in flesh, weighing, on an average, one hundred and eighty pounds; dark complexion, with coarse black hair, and grey eyes — no other marks or brands recollected”

Abraham Lincoln . December 20, 1859 – Autobiography

Edit: I should add yes it’s got a bit of a cartoony feel to it / painting feel but I’m not sure if that’s a limitation of what I’m attempting to do with a low res photo or what. I’m not trying to actually edit the photos too much just to tweak the original lack of colour :)

Converting a Black and White Photo of Audrey Hepburn into Colour

Converting Audrey Hepburn

So at Valérie-Anne’s suggestion I’m now trying to convert a Black and White photo of Audrey Hepburn into Colour


And a bit of conversion in a similar way to my previous post on Converting a Black and White Photo into Colour

And hey presto we get …

Audrey Hepburn Converted to Colour

Once again the hair is causing me issues … so I pretty much didn’t touch it this time around … now … who to convert next … any suggestions ? :)

Black and white to colour in photoshop

black and white to colour header

So I ended up playing with the converting of a black and white photo to colour (color for any american english people out there) in photoshop yesterday,

I’ve actually thought about doing it for ages but saw a link to a tutorial on it which turned out to be a dead link. Anyways I needed a decent Black and White photo (to start with anyways I’ve plans to convert a few old photos once I get the knack of things) I did a quick search and who could be more perfect to do than Google Image search for Marilyn Monroe. You’ve got colour and black and white photos so you’ve go something to base things on (also some really high res images which is nice)

Selected my photo .. and basically means selecting the various areas you want with the lasso tool (I used the polygonal lasso tool for it’s clicky goodness) add a slight feather to the selected area copy and paste as a new layer. Then up to Layers and Adjustment layer -> Hue/Saturation

Adjustment Layer

Then make sure to tick use previous layer to create clipping mask

Use previous layer to create clipping mask

And hey presto .. it’s slightly pain staking cutting out the bits but so cool to start seeing the results once you start adjusting the Hue / Saturation levels ( make sure to tick colorize or you may be wondering why nothing is happening)

Hue / Saturation

And so you start to see some results … my first looking something like Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe … Second version appearing a bit more like a technicolor version but I’m preferring it.


And finally adding a vignette and a gradient mask onto the image and I got the result I wanted.

Final Version of Monroe

Hair seems to be have been the trickiest part of this for me and yes I’ve left it rough in a few places hope you like the tips (though maybe they could be a bit clearer)

And of course once you’ve got all the areas mapped out it’s quite handy to tweak any colours to your hearts content

Marilyn Monroe Red Dress

Edit: Should add a video tutorial on this is available at Black and White to Colour Video obviously goes into more detail about extracting things ended up pretty much following the first few steps and go the inspiration for photo character from it as well :)

Borcat … for make benefit glorious nation of Çatakhstan

So its been a week or so since my last post but I’ve got my excuses lots has been happening. I was in Morocco for one and had a great time. Shutting down completely for a few days from online life is definitely to be recommended from time to time. Are we too connected sometimes .. yes .. yes we are.

The worst thing about coming back from holidays where you shut off is the amount of catching up you have to do especially when you’re a freelancer but thats going somewhere else that I don’t want to go with this post and a post on Fes in Morocco and my trip will be coming up shortly… So without further ado here we have my latest contribution to the Squishy The Cat / Catatar dynasty meet Borcat:D


How can I make a favicon with photoshop

Favicons quick tip banner

One thing I hate is when a website goes to all the trouble of making up a nice design (or even just grabbing a template and putting it up) and then they don’t go ahead and create a Favicon or worse still in my mind they use the default one that came with the CMS they are using. ARGH!

So what can you do … well really you’ve no excuse there are a multitude of free online favicon generators out there. I however prefer being able to do things from within my trusty version of Photoshop. I’m running Photoshop CS3 and thankfully there is a nice little plugin for it from the lovely people over at Telegraphics. They have versions of the plugin for both windows and Mac (I’m a Mac) and they also have versions or CS3 and CS4.

So install the plugin .. create your 32×32 pixel image and away you go Click the Save As button from the Format Dropdown choose ICO (Windows Icon) and I normally select Standard format.

Of course you can just go ahead and use PNG graphics for your icons I do believe however you’ll end up no doubt having issues with compatability and this method described here has just worked for me.

All this sounding like too much hastle to you ? well there are loads of free online generators out there

Take this one over at Dynamicdrive Favicon Generator or HTML Kit Favicon Generator

Lastly I might add in order for this favicon to appear on the tab / URL area you’ll need to let browsers know it exists. I recommend uploading it to the root webfolder / on your website calling it favicon.ico for consistancy not to mention some browsers automagically pick up the name and search for it, and you’ll want to add in a small snippet of code to all your webpages

<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="/favicon.ico" />

And finally some Favicons I’ve created (not to mention the one you’re hopefully seeing above)

Examples of Favicons I've created

So once again we’ve saved the world .. well no … its not made that much difference on the greater scale of things but its a nice little finishing touch to your sites and something you or your customers can kinda go oooh thats cool about