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Cats vrs Dogs who will win?

Yoda as a Kitty

Those who know me probably think I’m some kinda cat obsessed maniac of some sort and I guess you might be slightly right. 3 years ago give or take a few months my wife wanted a cat and we got Yoda (stage name Squishy). I was never a big fan of cats growing up I have to be honest so it came as a rather major surprise to like the little guy so much. 3 years on we’ve clocked a lot of miles and done a lot of work together (working from home and himself being an indoor cat means we’ve spent much of those 3 years together).

Working Together

Squishy has his own facebook page now with 300+ followers which I find highly amusing but that’ll be another blog post another day and that isn’t exactly where I’m going with this post.

Working on the desk

One of the things I do for Blacknight is try to come up with some interesting graphics / imagery for their blog posts / newsletters / campaigns. For these I’ve used pictures of Squishy as well as other stock imagery of cats / dogs and so on.

An example of one of the graphics would be:

Barking Mad

But this got me thinking. I have a strong dislike/fear of spiders (arachnophobia) so obviously I wouldn’t like to see them used on a blog post. I know a few people have a dislike of cats and dogs (I know I was shocked too).

So I ended up running a little poll a few weeks back to see just what peoples reactions are. I mentioned it on Twitter / facebook and maybe one or two other locations and I ended up getting just shy of 90 votes which I was quite happy about. (Thanks everyone who took the time to vote)

Are you a dog person or a cat person poll results

Pretty crazy stats … 14% are cat people vrs 53% being doggy people. Both was included as an option as well and taking that into account (30% liking both) that’ll make 44% of people being cat people vrs 83% being doggy people.

Of course this is a pretty small set of people in the poll (probably mostly my peer group as well I would guess) but still 83% vrs 44% means the next adverts I’ll be running may be more dog orientated (if I do end up using an animal).

So there you have it … if you’re a creative and thinking of using cats or dogs in any advertising you’re going to be doing maybe think twice. Do you dislike one or the other ? Would seeing a cat / dog in an advert make you smile or turn you off the ad?