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Le Lendemain Burger

A Nice Burger in Nantes – Le Bistroquet

Le Bistroquet Nantes

Update 27th January 2017 .. I do believe this place has closed

After heading to the clinque the other day for our last scan before the birth of number two we made a quick stop at Le Bistroquet afterwards and what can I say WOW lovely burger. They seem to have a decent selection of wines as well.

The “Lendemain” burger below is home made beef burger with a healthy chunk of Raclette cheese a big slice of thick bacon with an onion confit. All in all … WOW. Accompanied by lovely sauteed potatoes it’s well worth a stop.

Le Lendemain Burger

Negative things about it. Don’t get the BBQ sauce that’s with it, ask for the pepper sauce instead. Unless of course you’re into what I’d guess is processed BBQ sauce? (Hey if that’s the only negative thing about it all I think we’re doing pretty good)

Lovely staff, pretty quick service, decent wine menu they also do a Formule Midi …  Entree / Plat / Dessert or any combination of that if that’s your kinda thing. It didn’t appeal on the day so we went with the burger.

All in all would go again :)

So if you’re looking for a nice burger in Nantes you’ve found the right place.

It’s located at 87 Rue du Maréchal Joffre in Nantes.


Le Stefano Nantes

The first time I wandered by this place my mind screams oh god the signage

Le Stefano

But surprise surprise this is a rather excellent place to have lunch. It’s on the same square as my previous post on La Table Venitienne believe it or not right beside it the terrace is practically joined.

Le Stefano Menu Close up

Today saw us there for the lunch time special Plat du Jour (dish of the day) and the lunch time menu.

Le Stefano Menu

I immediately saw the Plat du Jour and thought to myself god I miss Spain and the cooking. The plat du jour was a “Spanish” Gratin for the love of god they knew I was coming. Next thing I know we’re being given 2 glasses of Sangria on the house which seems to be a Friday special but given it’s the 13th of July the day before Bastille day a lot of people will be taking a long weekend. (PS: They normally give a free glass on Fridays for those interested.)


Struggling through the sangria we both waited for our food. Val chose to go with the Full Menu and I chose just to go with the Plat du Jour. The Full Menu comes with a lovely choice of salads from a salad bar and there’s quite a bit to choose from. It always comes with a half bottle of house wine ( Red / Rose ), a desert and a coffee. That one comes to the price of €12.50 (which is reminiscent of spanish menu del dia prices)

Spanish Gratin

My plat du jour came and I have to say it was lovely (I’ll be trying to cook something similar shortly and hopefully not failing too badly) The table wine was … table wine :) perfectly nice.

I do love a coffee

I rarely have deserts and I opted out of having the Menu special ( which is a grilled meat of some kind or the plat du jour ) BUT Val doesn’t really drink and well she tends not to go near the coffee so it was all MINE!!! :)

All in all I loved it. Extremely friendly staff … the location as on the previous post was rather excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed myself no doubt the sangria helped but .. SHUSH)

All in all I’ll be back seriously at the price the quantity of food and the staff you’d be mad not to. Doesn’t hurt it’s only 5 minutes walk away from our place.

Roll on Bastille Day :)

La Table Vénitienne Nantes

La Table Vénitienne

One of the biggest shocks to the system when moving from Madrid to Nantes was the cost of going out for a meal. Of course I was probably a bit spoiled living in Lavapies in Madrid being able to get a 3 course meal with a coffee and a bottle of wine for 8 or 9 quid. So this week as Cabin Fever kicks into over drive (yes I’m going slightly insane working / living in the home / office all the time) I’ve decided that I’m going to try getting out for lunch a bit more. First up is La Table Vénitienne which is on 1 Place Catinat 44000 Nantes.

I opted for the lunch time special which comes to €13.50 and comes with your main ( any pizza / pasta ), Desert of the day and a Coffee.

It being a bit of a warm day I opted against my usual Spag Bol and went with a Pizza … cheeze, chorizo and an Egg ( something you generally just don’t get in Ireland ). The pizza was cooked in a wood oven at least I think so the base was thing and had that slight burnt wood taste to it.

While it’s not much to look at it was rather tasty I ordered a glass of house red and at 2.40 and a good sized glass it was rather nice as well.

Chorizo and Egg Pizza

Val ended up having a chicken with Tomato and Olive dish with a side of spinach which she said was rather tasty.

Chicken in Tomatoe and Olive sauce

Desert for me was a compot of apple (stewed apple) nice even if a little too sweet and the coffee was nice as well.

The restaurant is on a little square with a roundabout that doesn’t get a huge amount of traffic thankfully so the sun and the company made it a lovely lunch

Good food and good company

All in all 6/10 it’s nice food for lunch … a nice little square and a nice way to spend your lunch hour in the sun and with good company.

1 Place Catinat Nantes