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Forbairt Lego Man

Forbairt in Lego

Forbairt Lego Man

How do you make yourself in lego? I’m not entirely sure. Step 1: take what you suspect people think you do most and Step 2: dump it into a photo? Does this count as a lego selfie? So what did I put into this “Forbairt Lego minifig”

  • Cool t-shirt? ( I like to think I’ve generally got a cool t-shirt on)
  • Camera?
  • Coffee? (I’m trying to give up honest)
  • Ginger Cat
  • Computer (Stuck in front of one at my desk – my desk is black and has red legs)
  • Twitter?
  • Bed Hair? :)

Am I missing anything? :)


The Oxford Year of the Selfie!

Did you know that the Oxford Dictionaries have named “selfie” the word of the year? I couldn’t believe it last week when Phil told me. So I was out this weekend taking some photos of autumn and this happened. Actually the first one I took was completely by accident I was trying to get as far away from the trees as possible. Then I took this one.


Hashtag: #Selfie #NeedMoreSleep #NeedAHairCut #NeedAShave

Why on earth was selfie named word of the year? because of a 17,000% increase in use in the last year. That’s mind boggling stuff. You can read the BBC article over here.