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Squishy The Cat Movie Posters

What does SOPA mean to me?

Today is the big day with a blackout across major sites on the internet but I’m not going to talk about that really. I came across the rather excellent the Oatmeal anti SOPA page earlier and I have to say it’s the first site to really spell things out in simple language for people. (Of course it’s the oatmeal so you may find it offensive if you do click on through)

This got me in turn thinking about things I’ve done and what do you know I would potentially have one of my sites shut down (or should I say cat’s sites) if SOPA came into being.

It’s a non for profit site and a bit of a labour of love it is of course the page of Squishy The Cat.

Squishy The Cat Movie Posters

He has appeared in a number of movie poster / parodies and if SOPA / PIPA came into power and someone takes offence / feels the parody works are infringing on copyright then hey presto the site could be gone in a second. This would make Squishy very sad and we don’t want that do we? I’ve had a load of people thank me for bringing a smile to their faces and so many nice comments from complete strangers on the internet it’d really sadden me that this could just be wiped of the face of the earth without any due process if the laws are made.

Squishy doesn’t normally make serious posts apart from his political campaigns but that’s another story but he spoke out earlier on the Squishy the Cat Facebook page


Squishy Cat the Making of a Leader

No doubt everyone has been following the political career of Squishy The Cat for a long time now so you’ll already be aware of most of this.

What you’ll not be aware of is that I am an intern working at the Purrgressive Democats HQ and generally work on all election material for Mr. Squishy.

Months ago the main opposition to Fianna Fáil sprang into being during the time of the IMF bailout.

Vote No 1 Squishy The Cat

A vote for me is a vote for whiskas

Of course shortly afterwards Squishys political opponents implemented a vicious slur campaign in the Meows of the world

Meows of the world

But far be it from Squishy to let that trouble him he learned from the past and re-branded … and from the guts of Fianna Fishies was born … The Purrgressive Democats …

A simple plan for a simple future

And even though he wasn’t in attendance at Vincent Browns first public debate … the results the next day spoke for themselves …

Opinion Poll for Squishy The Cat

Squishy it must be said has not yet published his Catifesto ( he doesn’t believe in Manifestos where he’s concerned)

He does however have a few key points to make:

What do we really want?

What do we want?

Taking a note out of President Obama’s campaign he went with Change as one of his main points!

Change - The kitty litter

He will of course be publishing his Catifesto shortly … and in the mean time you can keep up with all the latest over on the Squishy The Cat Facebook Page

Cats vrs Dogs who will win?

Yoda as a Kitty

Those who know me probably think I’m some kinda cat obsessed maniac of some sort and I guess you might be slightly right. 3 years ago give or take a few months my wife wanted a cat and we got Yoda (stage name Squishy). I was never a big fan of cats growing up I have to be honest so it came as a rather major surprise to like the little guy so much. 3 years on we’ve clocked a lot of miles and done a lot of work together (working from home and himself being an indoor cat means we’ve spent much of those 3 years together).

Working Together

Squishy has his own facebook page now with 300+ followers which I find highly amusing but that’ll be another blog post another day and that isn’t exactly where I’m going with this post.

Working on the desk

One of the things I do for Blacknight is try to come up with some interesting graphics / imagery for their blog posts / newsletters / campaigns. For these I’ve used pictures of Squishy as well as other stock imagery of cats / dogs and so on.

An example of one of the graphics would be:

Barking Mad

But this got me thinking. I have a strong dislike/fear of spiders (arachnophobia) so obviously I wouldn’t like to see them used on a blog post. I know a few people have a dislike of cats and dogs (I know I was shocked too).

So I ended up running a little poll a few weeks back to see just what peoples reactions are. I mentioned it on Twitter / facebook and maybe one or two other locations and I ended up getting just shy of 90 votes which I was quite happy about. (Thanks everyone who took the time to vote)

Are you a dog person or a cat person poll results

Pretty crazy stats … 14% are cat people vrs 53% being doggy people. Both was included as an option as well and taking that into account (30% liking both) that’ll make 44% of people being cat people vrs 83% being doggy people.

Of course this is a pretty small set of people in the poll (probably mostly my peer group as well I would guess) but still 83% vrs 44% means the next adverts I’ll be running may be more dog orientated (if I do end up using an animal).

So there you have it … if you’re a creative and thinking of using cats or dogs in any advertising you’re going to be doing maybe think twice. Do you dislike one or the other ? Would seeing a cat / dog in an advert make you smile or turn you off the ad?

Borcat … for make benefit glorious nation of Çatakhstan

So its been a week or so since my last post but I’ve got my excuses lots has been happening. I was in Morocco for one and had a great time. Shutting down completely for a few days from online life is definitely to be recommended from time to time. Are we too connected sometimes .. yes .. yes we are.

The worst thing about coming back from holidays where you shut off is the amount of catching up you have to do especially when you’re a freelancer but thats going somewhere else that I don’t want to go with this post and a post on Fes in Morocco and my trip will be coming up shortly… So without further ado here we have my latest contribution to the Squishy The Cat / Catatar dynasty meet Borcat:D


This is Catatar

Out with the old and in with the new so to speak … I have recently been making some decisions … I find that my time is less than productive when on Twitter though it is a good release for me working from a home office. I’ve also found that I was spending more and more time on Mafia Wars on Facebook … sure its just 10 seconds here 10 seconds there .. and pretty soon its 20 minutes – 30 minutes over the course of the day.

But what to do what to do .. I ended up setting up a facebook page for my cat … sad … no he doesn’t think so at all :D

What started rather silly has become a minor fun obsession for me for Example one of the first ones I created was:

A fun little image based on the Avatar movie with my cat

Ah well if you fancy becoming a fan of his page you can go on over to http://www.facebook.com/catatar I couldn’t get Squishy (before you ask its my nickname for him his real name is Yoda.