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My life in Lego…

If you know me this lego picture I took would probably make a lot of sense. I’m fueled by caffeine. I have a baby. I work for Blacknight. (Their logo is a horse …) I have a cat, there are many cats in existence but this one is mine. I shall call him Squishy. I […]

Internship – Slavery 2.0

Looking at the picture of the man and the woman you could be forgiven for thinking the post was maybe going to be about Valentines and kinky bondage of some sorts. Read the poem however and hopefully it will become a bit clearer. When I started out in webdesign “professionally” (I’ll use that term loosely […]

Newsletter headaches…

I’ve been working on some newsletters over the last few months and in general they have gone fairly smoothly. We’re using mailchimp to send and its a great tool but at times it really does my head in. I’ve come up against a few cases where things have disappeared and other issues within their UI […]

Social Media For Dummies I

My name is James and I made the Greatest SEO Marketing Guru website ever I also made the theme for the site Social Media Expert Like most people using “social media” I’m constantly amazed by the amount people seeking advice / how to’s and so on. I’m also heavily amazed by the amount of people […]