The real reason behind the bank / housing problem

Bit of a brain wave this morning. Yesterday I saw mention that one London police man was blaming the violence on video games and of course we all know that video games cause people to … be more violent / rob / murder and those things never existed before video games.

Well this game has been around a while now and I reckon it’s behind all the problems with housing and the banks.

Eureka the real reason for all the bank / housing problems


  • I know what you’re up to Larkin, finding innocent gamey scapegoats for life’s problems.

    Will we see a post blaming Twister for any new Larkin arrivals next year ?

    Failure to prosecute phone hackers ? We wuz looking in the study for Colonel Mustard sir !

    Wikileaks ? Au contraire, somebody just memorised the Trivial Pursuit answers.

  • I reckon banning kids playing cops and robbers could practically end crime!

  • Excellent!

    How about: Game of Life – responsible for teenage pregnancies, as children are worth big money

    Risk: Responsible for most wars. I’ve got all these playing pieces, and don’t know what to do with them…

    Ludo: Ummmm…. nope. I got nothing. A analogy for the randomness of life – sometimes you dump on others, sometimes they dump on you?


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