Things that go bump in the night

Things that go Bump in the Night

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you’ll know that I auto post blog posts from here / Brittany Beers and a few other places into my stream. I’ve been playing with various systems whether it’s our own RSS.Me / NetworkedBlogs (which I strongly disliked) or RSS Graffiti which I’m currently testing. What they do is take your blog post and post it to the various social media sites you’re on once you give them access to post.

NetworkedBlogs I dislike for a few very simple reasons.

  1. They require you to confirm your identity either by spamming or friends asking them to verify you own the blog or through other methods
    I’m sorry but this is spam to create new users. I did it once and I’m sorry I did
  2. They seem to post your posts randomly
  3. They have a hidious bar at the top when you click through to view a blog post. I’m sorry this is annoying and while some people may find it good I don’t.
  4. Removing their access seems like a bit of a chore ( Though I’ve removed access or so I thought things were still getting posted to my twitter account so I was required to go in via twitter and revoke access to the application)

Revoke Access to NetworkedBlogs

It’s not the best way it’s not even close.

RSS Graffiti seems to come with a lot more options. Allows you to choose when to scan your blog and post as well as the numbers of items you’ll like to post so I’m giving that a whirl until I end up going back to our own system when we’re out of Beta.

Now onto the reason for my blog post title. Yesterday I changed my URL structure on my main blog ( this one in case you’re wondering ) You might not even notice what has happened. I dropped the www prefix from the URLs sometimes I like to see it sometimes I don’t. In the case of my blog here I’m not I’m just (it makes sense in my head)

Of course RSS Graffiti handled things nicely and didn’t repost things ( at least I don’t think it did ) Facebook Notes however decided to go tits up as I was informed by Sarah.

Outraged Facebook Follower Speaks Out :P
Outraged Facebook Follower Speaks Out :P

So putting things mildly. Facebook with 750 Million users can’t seem to handle that minor change to my URL structure whereas RSS Graffiti can. Go figure.

Oh well hopefully it hadn’t pissed too many people or they can always choose to ignore me.


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