This day 10 years ago …

I had been awake last night thinking about lots of things I wanted to say about this last night. A bit of a public outlet to let me get things off my chest but now there is only really one thing I have to say.

10 years ago my mom lost her battle against cancer.

Mom you are missed :(


  • Hi James

    Thoughts with you at this time. Popped open my own wallet just now and looked my Mums card which is dog eared now and been in wallet a long time – she died 10th April 1995 aged 62 of cancer. Know how you feel even today all those years later.

    On a positive side my father is 77 next week and is off to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela and is in great fettle.


  • Thanks Kieran Mom was 52 when she died and yeah its been a strange day mentally

    Great to hear about your dad :) lovely weather at the moment for it as well :D

  • Both my parents are still alive, dad’s 68 now and mum will turn 68 in January.
    Dad has his kidney transplant ten years ago, since April he’s got troubles with oedemas in his legs because the “new” kidney starts to degrade slowly.

    So I realised this year that my parents won’t live forever. And I have to start coming to terms with the fact that one day, they won’t be around anymore.
    And that makes me quite uneasy sometimes, because I’ve no idea how to deal with that when the day comes.

    On the other hand, I hope that someday I’ll also have a family of my own, because that would be like some “logical” (sry, failed to find a better term) conclusion.
    While Zen does help quite a bit, I still think I’ll have to go for the Old School thing. ;-)


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